Quality education is not a recent invention. It is built on some basic pillars.

One pillar is curriculum which should be well researched, relevant and flexible. Our content is created by industry experts and experienced curriculum developers which present technical content in an interesting and simplified manner. The course approved by the industry and concerned accrediting agencies like NSDC’s Sector Skill Councils. The content is revised periodically to stay updated and relevant in a fast changing industry.

The trainer – a motivated, knowledgeable, empathetic, patient, organized and communicative one – is the second pillar. Our trainers are technically qualified and hold years of experience. They have joined this field so that they can transform the lives of our future generation. Rigorous training in teaching and learning principles and classroom management is done for all our trainers.

These pillars need the support of a competent and supportive leadership and administration.

The team has come together with a single purpose – to provide a world-class training to everyone. It consists of experienced, motivated professionals.
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