Amit Gupta – The Visionary


Amit, brought up in a family with a strong value system has been living a life with reassuring and hopeful dreams of the future, and visualises Parents looking at skills their kids are interested in, instead of pestering them to become engineers, doctors etc. and that prompted him to bring creativity, innovation, and sustainable employment generation together.


A 1st generation entrepreneur who left an impressive job as CEO, Polygenta Technologies Ltd., with a vision of doing something “meaningful”, must definitely be the one with a vision, and far-sighted at that.


After a modest but thorough education at U.P. Sainik School, and an engineering degree at the prestigious NIT, Kurukshetra, Amit’s elevation in character was obvious and quite pronounced.

As part of an 80 member volunteer team of National Service Scheme (NSS), at NIT, Amit led as its Group Leader in 1992-93.

From spearheading an adult literacy programme in adjoining villages, to educating underprivileged children of college employees in lower grades, he efficiently led the team to admiration and applause when the district administration declared 2 of those villages as fully literate.

For charting a bigger career, Amit moved to Mumbai after a Post Graduate degree in 1997 and joined the then Tata Infotech (now part of Tata Consultancy Limited).

Post 1999, with his long and successful stint at Polygenta he helped generate Working Capital Finance and Private Equity for a new Polyester Recycling project, and stayed on to work towards a possibly intractable revival when the unit was declared sick in March 2001. He rose to the level of CEO with Polygenta declaring a turnover of around USD 35 million in a span of 3 years. In the pursuit to build something more momentous and profound, Amit left Polygenta in 2007 after turning it around.


Amit and his team started Funfirst in Oct 2007, to launch the 1st ever kids’ electronics range in India in partnership with Walt Disney and Mattel. The gigantic learnings from working with conglomerates led the team to identify brand licensing, setting up distribution channels, large scale retail tie ups, retail know how and the works.

This prompted the company’s foray into electronics manufacturing business in end 2009, with a current turnover to the tune of over 30 million USD.

Snowballing Growth led to the demarcation of work areas in 2013, and 3 new companies- Grey Sim Ltd., Grey Sim learning foundation, and FUNFIRST GLOBAL SKILLERS PVT. Ltd. were formed to engage specific targets.


The India he works towards seeing is where Skills are not just about earning a livelihood, but more treasured and cherished liked dreams. Where 70% of the working population is between 18 and 40 years with high proficiencies to make ours an almost intimidating country! Where with the right wages, there is absolute omission of manpower exploitation and duress. Where income and class disparities are at zero level and the skillfulness and dexterities are the name of the game.

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